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the vast majority of my translations are JP→EN, but there are a few EN→JP ones.

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All of my translations are free to use in projects (posts, art, lyric/sub videos, etc.) as long as credit is given to cerealandchoccymilk, preferably with a link pointing to the page it's from.
Contacting is not mandatory, but I'd love to see the kinds of things my translations are used in!! :)
However, when it comes to reprinting full lyrics on blogs or wikis, please contact me beforehand.


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Family Computer Magazine #9 (April 1986) - Miyamoto Shigeru Interview
スーパーマリオブラザーズ完全攻略本 PART II「ワールド9が出る原因はノイズだった」
Super Mario Bros. Complete Guidebook: Part II - "World 9 Is Caused By Noise"
Trigun Art Book (1999) - Interview 005: Nightow Yasuhiro
TRIGUN ART BOOK メインスタッフインタビュー 005 内藤泰弘


Black Jack by Tezuka Osamu / 「ブラック・ジャック」(作:手塚治虫)


Songs (Alphabetical order in romaji)

ごめんなさいが言えなくて / Gomennasai ga Ienakute (Couldn’t Say Sorry)

Other (small snippets, fancomics, etc.)