To-do and ideas

  • annotated translations (lyrics, literature, etc) perhaps
    • バカ通信
  • my art gallery ←hurry up on this
  • collections (this one can have the dropdown)
    • old art (artwiki favs and lecture notes)
    • useful resources
      • create guides?
    • fonts!
    • game osts/music playlists
    • particularly banger and obscure vocaloid
  • shrines
  • tierlists?
  • script with a button that says [what day is it?] and returns "spinning him sunday" or smth when clicked

Stuff to fix

  • change museum to collections+creations on all pages
  • revise NNN臨時放送 translation
Medama-Oyaji from Gegege no Kitaro taking a bath in a small bowl, being stirred with a chopstick