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括弧()内は動画の演出の一部です。Text inside the parentheses are part of the music video, but are not sung.

字が汚い全ての人に捧げる歌 (ji ga kitanai subete no hito ni sasageru uta) / Song Dedicated To Everyone With Bad Handwriting
作曲:MidLuster 歌:初音ミク・歌愛ユキ / by MidLuster feat. Hatsune Miku & Kaai Yuki

Song Dedicated To Everyone With Bad Handwriting

I became an adult and my handwriting is still bad
Seriously, it hasn't changed at all since elementary school.
Actually, my handwriting was better in elementary school
As I grow older, wouldn't my handwriting grow with me!?!?

First and foremost, my pencil pressure is so strong
No matter how much I erase and erase and erase and erase
And rewrite the words, it's still ugly
Blackboards and whiteboards are at 90-degree angles
I'm already unconfident in my writing
And you expect me to put it on full display!?!?

To that guy who writes letters like a textbook font
Just where do you acquire such a skill?
The girls who write those cute, round letters, too
Where and when did you learn it?
The person who I thought was like me
Who could write so neat when they try—

Let me see your brains for a second
Let me open Control Panel
Show me where you keep your fonts
And tell me where to install them from!!

And once you tell me, I'll delete your fonts
And replace them with a little girl's handwriting!!!

Why does it feel like if you have pretty handwriting, mistakes are easily forgiven?
During swap-grading[1], the person sitting next to me looks puzzled and asks, "What does this say?"
Why do I not get partial credit when I wrote the same thing as that kid?

Writing vertically is just torture
Even if I use a ruler, it tilts this way

The teacher puts a nameless worksheet up on the board, saying "I think this is a boy's handwriting"
That's a massive discourtesy to every boy, but I'll go up to check it… even though I'm a girl.
There's some strange theory that people with bad handwriting are good at drawing
But I can barely draw a circle right
Art for me was impossible from the start.

Show me where you keep your fonts
And tell me where to install them from!!
And once you tell me
I'll change your font to ELECTROHARMONIX[2]!!!
Graduation essay collections[3] are public executions; I can't sense any improvement at all
It goes without saying that the way I hold my pen is disastrous, as you can see

I write slowly, and it gets distorted
I write fast, and of course, it starts to fall apart
Handwriting represents your heart, you say
Handwriting shows your conscience, you say?

I too, if I put my all into it (← Shalaku[4])
I too, if I put my all into it (← Kuru Toga Advance[5])
I too, if I put my all into it (← technical pencil[6])
Can become an earnest-

Nope, it's no good. (The lead broke)

Sure, I can let you borrow my notes
But they always give it back saying "I can't read it"
No matter if I write slow or fast
"Could you write more neatly?" HUH!?
Even if I write slowly, with this speed I just get left behind by the board
Oh, to become that person who can write nicely no matter the speed.
[1] In Japanese schools, it’s common practice to have students swap papers with their neighbors after small tests and grade each other’s work as the teacher reads out the answers.
[2] A free font by Typodermic Fonts that’s known to be unreadable to Japanese people.
[3] A bit similar to yearbooks in the US. A collection of the essays written in class, sometimes includin profile pages by each student and drawings.
[4] A mechanical pencil model by Mitsubishi Pencil/Uniball, built to be easy to grip and prevents tiredness and cramps from writing.
[5] A mechanical pencil model by Mitsubishi Pencil/Uniball, which self-sharpens so that letter width stays consistent. The Advance model is not available in most other countries, but the original Kuru Toga (US) is.
[6] A type of mechanical pencil built to have consistent line weight no matter the pressure. The pencil used in the video here is most likely an 0.5mm Pentel Graph 1000 For Pro.

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