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This song is related to Adipocere—"ura" means reverse or backside.

うらぽしゃ (uraposha) / Urapocere
作曲:いよわ 歌:初音ミク / by Iyowa feat. Hatsune Miku


Please, God have mercy
Because you're such an unfortunate thing, you beat others
Please, go to hell
Because you have no right in saying
"Cast not pearls before swine"

Don't come near me
Because I'm almost about to
Crawl at your feet and blurt out
An apology for being born

I'll never forget that face of yours that can't even put on makeup
That stands over others and lectures them
You monkey sitting on a chair covered in blood
Ah, go on like that forever
Imagining my dead body
And feel as though you've accomplished something

Please, God have mercy
Because you got caught stealing, you beat others
Please, go to hell
You who preaches righteousness
Are truly a pathetic decoy of a puppet

It's almost like a government that
Devours even souls
Or a squirming slave that
Isn't allowed to live or die
The crimson hitting my eye is a rotting splinter[1]

Don't grin like that
I detest that face of you making excuses
Go on and bully someone, just like that one time
Don't underestimate me, I'll stab into your windpipe
So it never parts
So it gouges deep

The thunder coming from the scar from
The one play-bite for pleasure does not stop
Live on, unable to erase
Those five letters of hiragana
Ah, go on like that forever
Stomping out someone's eyes
And feel as though you've expressed something

The two of us will never understand each other
You knew that already
The road to tread after unraveling the chain of hate
Is an endless and lonely one
I'm free now, I'm finally free!
The new life that begins here
Won't have anyone's name on it anymore
Stand there on your platform
And watch me with envy
[1] Could also be "hangnail."

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