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レイン (rein) / Rain
作曲:ごめんなさいが言えなくて 歌:鏡音リン / by Gomennasai ga Ienakute (Couldn’t Say Sorry) feat. Kagamine Rin


A swelling sentimentalism
Isn't worthy for
Such a hard-to-live present
And I hide my face

Reality overflows
So much it's cruel
And doesn't seem to stop
And my voice trembles

I cover my ears
Wanting to make everything a lie
Unable to to anything
From inside this closed-off world

I'm crying silent tears
With the words I held back still
The wind blows, I get hurt,
Leaves fall, and tears are shed

A figure that might fade with one breeze
Is it one of God's little tricks?
It won't reach
It won't reach
It won't reach anybody

Crying in a white world,
You don't notice anything
An existence so uncertain
Knowing not even of tomorrow

"We're like a mirror image"
Even my muttering voice
Surely you aren't
Surely you aren't
Surely you aren't listening to it

Invisible to the naked eye
And without a form
No matter if our hands touch
We're empty anyways

Wanting to compensate
For my lacking heart
I ruminate and swallow
Meaningless repetitions

From the open world
From beyond the wakeless night
In time with the echoing footsteps
Into this closed-off world

The words of someone's song
Carries a definite color
And echoes
Echoes towards me

Flowing throughout the white world
On clouds on the verge of tears
Seeping into my fingertips
A dark gray rain pours

Even if I'm about to vanish,
Remaining an innocent wish
If I can
If I can
Reach you
"I wish I could"

From inside this white world
Please, to the ends of the earth!
The shouts are iridescent
And the blurred sky is a kaleidoscope

If the words were blurted out
Remaining unrefined
Would they
Would they
Would they echo out to you?

In a world where everything that touches your eye
Shimmers and sparkles all too much
I thought there was no place
For someone like me

"We're like a mirror image"
I then mutter, and
The voice
The voice
Singing towards you dissolves in the rain

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