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i cannot rhyme for shit but the echolocation and heaven’s vengeance stanzas are supposed to

流転光速 (ruten kōsoku) / Light Speed Drift
作曲:フロクロ (Frog96) 歌:重音テト・足立レイ / by Frog96 feat. Kasane Teto & Adachi Rei

Light Speed Drift

Daisy, Daisy
A letter that wandered aimlessly through exhalations
Daisy, Daisy
Leaked-out bodily fluids modeled into a mirror
Daisy, Daisy
A calendar that lulls the insolent night to sleep
Daisy, Daisy
Light that shakes itself free of any and all distinction

That is
Light-speed drifting

Testing, testing
Towing, porthole, variable star, telescope
Dosimeter measurement: 0.000……

Echolocation to a forward point in time
Inheriting a memorial service beyond the tetration
Teleportation from a headset
A speech going ahead
……Of the self-portrait of an attic
An overpass shaped like a logic gate
Replication, frequency modulation
E2E of the horizon of heaven

Heaven's vengeance is slow but sure
Proper guidance, religious mission, categorical imperatives
Remediation for the toppled paradise
Dialectically passing down traditions
Ennyō, Shinnyō, Shikabane-kanmuri[1]
Linguistic phenomena from the writhing and variation[2] of ancient languages
To an undeveloped connotation……

Daisy, Daisy
Smoke that wavers as if to fill in completely
Daisy, Daisy
A purification of dropping dregs that crawl on time
Daisy, Daisy
A flower bud imperceptable by metal detectors
Daisy, Daisy
A single prayer that blossomed in an ash dump

That is
Light-speed drifting
[1] Kanji radicals.
[2] As in the musical term.

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