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Twitter thread by Oxi Takehiko (writer for Trigun Stampede) on 2023/03/26 about details that didn't make it onto the screen in TriStamp season 1
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I don't remember why or how I found this thread... it might have been because someone expressed confusion about the auto-translation.
I may or may not properly translate the other tweets in the thread sometime in the future. Feel free to let me know if any of them in particular need fixing! If so, I will be sure to get to it.

Blue hair in Trigun Stampede

There is no genetic component for blue pigmentation in human hair, but some SEEDS immigrants had it modified as part of fashion. While these are not meant to be passed down across generations, those who were unlucky enough to inherit it are a rare sight, so many of them become commodities in the slave trade while they are still children. Not saying who, but...—


This was why Legato was so ticked off by Wolfwood teasing about his blue hair. His hair color was the direct cause of his childhood trauma implied here, and perhaps a certain other event depicted in Trigun Maximium (depending on how or if it is referenced in TriStamp season 2).

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