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Trigun Archives (2011), page 61, Pic. 51
トライガンアーカイブス Pic.51
Tumblr post by @xoxo-otome / Clean scans by Team Overhaul (used on this page)
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Pic. 51

While drawing this, I was thinking about how MillyMeryMilly and Meryl didn’t have many outfit changes, even though they’re girls. It is true that under those circumstances they weren’t able to dress up much, but also it is a trope of manga to differentiate characters by their signature outfits, so it’s sort of unavoidable. I really like this one, including the degree of stylization.

Translator's note

Milly and Meryl's signature duo name is "milimeri" in canon, but it probably sounds like the ship name to English speakers which is not Nightow's explicit intention.

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