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happy new year!!! it's the year of the dragon!!!

i know it's only been like 4 days, but y'know. what can i say, it's the new year. for the year of the dragon, i made another origami! this pattern is from the おりがみの時間 website.

a cute green eastern dragon made with origami

i've heard that there was a massive earthquake in/around ishikawa prefecture in japan. there was also the plane accident at haneda earlier today (someone i know witnessed it! they're alright, albeit frightened, but their flight got cancelled). all this in 2024 already... i think it's about time we change the era name and build another buddha statue. reiwa, get outta here.

seriously though, i hope for everyone's safety.

re: the november entry, i'm very happy that ゲ謎Gegege no Nazo is such a great hit in theaters (150万人突破over 1.5M people!?!?)!! especially so, since i know theater revenue is very important in the industry, and i've heard that the creators didn't expect it to do very well considering the genre/themes. but i also really really want to...y'know...actually watch it!!! at the moment i'm repeatedly watching the trailers to absorb every last ゲ謎 nutrient and browsing the plethora of fanart/manga on twitter and pixiv. just waiting for it to go on streaming, or at least dvd....

also to refresh my knowledge, i'm watching the kitaro anime. i started with the season 4 (1996); not really because i grew up with it or anything as i mentioned previously, but mainly by vibes—i just remember once looking at the lastest season (s5 at the time) and thinking “wow, this kitaro looks so...modern." but i saw some art on pixiv showcasing season 6 (2018), so i gave that a try... and then season 5 (2007)... and then season 3 (1987).... so i'm now watching seasons 3-6 in parallel lmao. i'm holding off on seasons 1 (60's) and 2 (70's), since all 6 at once is 流石に a bit too much lol.

i've written out my thoughts on each so far, so i'll put it somewhere here soon. not in the bog tho. i'll think of something. [24/01/04 edit] here it is! you can also find it through the brain page in the sidebar.


happy holidays!

to start off, here's a little origami ランドセル i made a while back. (it's so hard to get a good photo of this...!!)

front view of a red randoseru backpack made with origami back view of the randoseru side view of the randoseru the randoseru with the front flap open, revealing tiny scrap paper booklets inside

i hang out at the daycare-room of the japanese school i attend, and we've been doing origami lately. the directions for this one was in a physical book, so i don't have it on hand to share lol. the little books inside were made by one of the teachers. the little stars are just from the leftover paper from the straps. turned out so cute!

while visiting my relatives for christmas, my lithuanian grandma gave me some recipes. i like her pecan tassies she occasionally sends us, but all of her stuff is too sweet so we don't intend on making them. she told us that they're ours now and we're free to do whatever, so i'm putting them on this site! it'll take a bit to digitize (especially since i'm going to be on the road for a few days) but be on the lookout for the pecan tassies, cream cheese kolachki, carrot cake cookies, and eggnog cookies, if you're interested. [24/01/10 edit] it's posted! idk where to categorize this yet, so i'll just put it in the sidebar of the main pages (and linked here ofc) for now.


hell yeah first blog entry!!

i've been seeing some fanart for ゲゲゲの謎Gegege no Nazo on twitter and i want to watch it so bad, but i guess it's still only in theaters so i straight up can't. diversity lose... i guess there's the anime to watch. i've loved ゲゲゲの鬼太郎Gegege no Kitarō since i was in elementary school or something, but i only read the kodansha novalization version lmao. i might have watched a few episodes of one of the anime series? maybe the 90's one? idk. i clearly remember what medama-oyaji sounds like, but i think every japanese person is able to do a medama-oyaji impression (オイ️鬼太郎ゥ‼️) just by virtue of being japanese. source: trust me and also my mom

oh also, i've finally gotten a concept idea for a fursona. despite liking furry art for quite a while now, i straight up haven't drawn animals (other than sonic characters which don't count) for like 10 years so i'm starting my furryification now lmao. i really like weasels (especially that one image of the white stoat with blood on its face) and long (cn), ryū/tatsu (jp), aka eastern dragons so i'm thinking of a sort of hybrid between the two. i think they will go pretty well together since they're the same general noodle shape. i did some stoat studies and i'm starting to get the hang of it, but mannn 龍 are so hard to find good references for.


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