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Choccy in a Bill S. Preston (Bill & Ted) cosplay, saying "chricker chreat" (trick or treat).
Full name Cereal Choccy Milk
(I go by my middle name)
Pronouns he/it
Occupation College student (eww), freelance translator, professional fuckall doer
Location United States
Languages Native: Japanese, English
Learning: ASL, toki pona
Trannyfag (generated by me!) Fuckall doer (generated by me!) Dinner pilled (generated by me!) Your mom (generated by me!) From the river (generated by me!) To the sea (generated by me!)

Japanese Lithuanian American Pride! JP-EN Translate

80% clueless 0% sane Natto powered Pocket lint Pirate party The Onion

Firefox Sonic Dreamcast Zelda SNES Music lover


Just some guy... with the best taste this side of the Mississippi.

Queer, transgender, faggot. I love technology, machines, and wires, as well as the flesh.
I'm an artist (supposed to be), cellist (kind of out of practice right now), translator, and writer (not by choice). I can't write fics, but I sometimes get possessed and wake up with something like an analysis paper in front of me.
We're actually a decently big plural system, but it's sort of whatever. It might become relevant sometime, it might not.

I grew up playing on my dad's computer and my mom's Famicom and Game Boy, so it's only natural I'd ended up loving tech!
Since I'm from a Japanese household, I also have been reading manga and watching anime since I was very, very young; it's how I learned to read! I was especially avid reader of educational manga, like the science-y ones involving Conan and Doraemon, and the biographies of historical figures... but I also loved shōnen and shōjo manga. My favorites at the time were おしえて菜花 - Oshiete Nanoka, the Legend of Zelda manga by Himekawa Akira (especially Four Swords, the Minish Cap, and Majora's Mask), and—of course—Naruto. I want to make shrines for them sometime in the future.

My hobbies are webmastery, listening to music (mostly Vocaloid, J-rock, and electronica), making art, and reading manga.
I've also been reading Japanese modern literature as of late; my favorites are 桜の樹の下には - Under the Cherry Trees by Kajii Motojirō and 斜陽 - The Setting Sun by Dazai Osamu!

I should probably make a separate page for half of this.... I'll get to it eventually.
Devour the rich!!! (generated by me!) Defund the police (generated by me!) Meat grinder? I barely know her! (generated by me!) Anything for her♥︎ (generated by me!) Keepin' it weird (goop edition) (generated by me!) Keepin' it weird (blood edition) (generated by me!) I will maul you! (generated by me!) Born 2 be on da puter!! (generated by me!) cat + snake = stoatboy? (generated by me!) 屍体が埋まつてゐる! / There are cadavers buried beneath! (generated by me!) I AM... ALL OF ME (generated by me!) JWST ♡ Hubble (generated by me!)
Electronics love Nintendo 3DS Aperture Laboratories an animated blooming branch of cherry blossom glitter holographic holographic I listen to music a lot I love both old and new consoles I support Gaza if i had BALLS they would be BIGGER than yours <3 Kirby's Dream Land 2 Kirby's Epic Yarn My Chemical Romance fan Neko Atsume Pokemon Yellow Pikachu Puyopuyo Sonic X Live long and prosper stars in space glitter stars Steal my art, I'll eat your brains steamboat willie Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario Galaxy 2 terfs are gross <3 Tetris Hatsune Miku
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