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Choccy in a Bill S. Preston (Bill & Ted) cosplay, saying "chricker chreat" (trick or treat).
Full name Cereal Choccy Milk
(I go by my middle name)
Pronouns he/it
Occupation College student (eww), freelance translator, professional fuckall doer
Location United States
Languages Native: Japanese, English
Learning: ASL, toki pona
Trannyfag (generated by me!) Fuckall doer (generated by me!) Dinner pilled (generated by me!) Your mom (generated by me!)

Japanese Lithuanian American Pride! JP-EN Translate

80% clueless 0% sane Natto powered Pocket lint Pirate party The Onion

Firefox Sonic Dreamcast Zelda SNES Music lover


Just some guy... with some absolute banger-ass taste.

Queer, transgender, faggot. I love technology, machines, and wires, as well as the flesh.
I'm an artist (supposed to be), cellist (kind of out of practice right now), translator, and writer (not by choice). I can't write fics, but I sometimes get possessed and wake up with something like an analysis paper in front of me.
We're actually a decently big plural system, but it's sort of whatever. It might become relevant sometime, it might not.

I grew up playing on my dad's computer and my mom's Famicom and Game Boy, so it's only natural I'd ended up loving tech!
Since I'm from a Japanese household, I also have been reading manga and watching anime since I was very, very young; it's how I learned to read! I was especially avid reader of educational manga, like the science-y ones involving Conan and Doraemon, and the biographies of historical figures... but I also loved shōnen and shōjo manga. My favorites at the time were おしえて菜花 - Oshiete Nanoka, the Legend of Zelda manga by Himekawa Akira (especially Four Swords, the Minish Cap, and Majora's Mask), and—of course—Naruto. I want to make shrines for them sometime in the future.

My hobbies are webmastery, listening to music (mostly Vocaloid, J-rock, and electronica), making art, and reading manga.
I've also been reading Japanese modern literature as of late; my favorites are 桜の樹の下には - Under the Cherry Treess by Kajii Motojirō and 斜陽 - The Setting Sun by Dazai Osamu!

I should probably make a separate page for half of this.... I'll get to it eventually.
Devour the rich!!! (generated by me!) Defund the police (generated by me!) Meat grinder? I barely know her! (generated by me!) Anything for her♥︎ (generated by me!) Keepin' it weird (goop edition) (generated by me!) Keepin' it weird (blood edition) (generated by me!) I will maul you! (generated by me!) Born 2 be on da puter!! (generated by me!) cat + snake = stoatboy? (generated by me!) 屍体が埋まつてゐる! / There are cadavers buried beneath! (generated by me!)

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